In 2009, Debbie Miller’s dad, Bud Blackwell, passed away from pancreatic cancer. His battle inspired us to get involved with the American Cancer Society. Debbie saw the great care that he was given by his Oncology nursing staff (so much so that she became one of them). She is now an Oncology Nurse.

We formed a Relay For Life team (Unforgettable – In Memory of Bud Blackwell) to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. As a team, we’ve sold candy bars, paper feet in restaurants and grocery stores, and had annual cupcake sales (thanks to Ray Miller). A conversation with friends sparked the idea for a karaoke night fundraiser to help raise money for the Cancer Society. In 2011 we held our first Karaoke For A Cure fundraiser. In 2012 we decided to do it again. By 2013 we couldn’t imagine not doing it. Steel City Rokz has been providing DJ/Karaoke services for every year of our event and we are eternally grateful. Several years ago, we switched venues to Sim’s Lanes in Beaver Falls, PA and we were warmly welcomed there.

It would be impossible to list everyone who helps in this event because there are so many people who do. There are those who donate baskets and/or food for our event. There are those who help promote our event. And there are those who help AT our event. If you would like to help please contact us today.